This post really has nothing to do with blisters other than the fact my hands always seem to have a few.

Meet Doomsday. My buddy and worst enemy. The name fits the personality, unfortunately. She’s a really nice cat, she just hates any sort of affection other than random feedings of american cheese. No petting, no cuddling, an occasional lick to your face but mostly it’s pouncing on faces, jumping on legs and biting wrists and ankles. With the fun and excitement that Doomsday brings to the table also comes the inevitable. Destroyed things. Terrorizing during the night. She has officially made me start a “cat”astrophe list (yep, I went there.) First, my phone charger. Ate right through the chord. (Why are phone chargers 40 flippin’ bucks?) If that wasn’t enough she somehow managed to steal a 20 dollar paint brush from me yesterday and eat all the bristles right out of it. I give her credit for the sneakiness though. Touche’ salesman.



In other news, I have been holding off on saying anything in case things fell through. I’m still a little gun shy about saying anything but I now hold in my hands the keys to Downpour Studios located in historic and beautiful downtown Kent, Ohio. The building will serve all things Downpour as well as Engine Room Recording Studios. We’ll be taking the month of November to patch the place up and hopefully be open for business (actually, we already are doing business…) in December. More information soon.

The Studio

Also, we are changing the name of Skies Bleed Black to Dog Days. We have a new blog and myspace. Check them out here and here


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