So my love, fascination, addiction with Harry Potter had a weird start. I can remember being that guy who said “I’ll never read them, they’re kids books and not the kind with the cool pictures I like.” I want Chuck P., Easton Ellis, Hunter Thompson. Give me the raw stuff. It seemed that everyone around me just kept talking about Potter. I took a children’s lit class that made me read the first two books of the series (I think it was the first two) and to this day that is one class I am glad I took. I am glad it made me read those first two books because from then on I would get lost in the series. And I mean LOST! Borrowing peoples copies, going to buy my own, reading them as fast as I could because I couldn’t get enough. I even turned into the guy who went to Borders at midnight, bought the last book came home and fell asleep reading it only to wake up and finish it. (I sound like a crack addict.) The movies on the other hand… I’m not against them. I enjoy watching them, going to the movies and checking the newest one out and I even own all but the Half Blood Prince but as everyone knows they’re never as good as the books. And that’s okay. That’s how it should be. I guess I’m just writing this post to talk about Potter, get excited for the first of the last movie, and let everyone know I think it’s great and hopefully you do too!


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