SUPER BUSY lately. Shooting videos, working, designing, running around. Haven’t had time to make it on this internet thing much… we’ve got some things cooking at Downpour though, don’t worry. (Rich Nix video, new Dog Days Album, some shirts, a calendar, you know.) But for now I’ve got to split and leave you with a funny picture with a short story.

Baseball Hair
This is me. A while back. Look at that hair. Now, I’ve never really enjoyed watching the sport of baseball but I sure do love playing it. We’d go down to the park (and by we I mean like 16 of us) and play some baseball or kickball. Well apparently I was too busy playing baseball to cut my hair. I have a few pictures of my hair this long (or maybe longer) but decided on this one because it was the first one I saw. Anywho, get your hair cut kids or else you’ll have awesome photos like this. After writing that I decided don’t get hair cuts when you’re younger so you have awesome photos like this.


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