So I used to keep tabs on my favorite books but after a while I read so many (not enough) and forgot so many that I’m not sure what’s what. I was thinking about it the other day and I just wanted to share some of my favorite books.

The Fountain Head
This book has moved up to my number one, favorite, all time best book I’ve read. It just surpassed the book below. I recommend anyone who has a creative bone in their body to pick this up ASAP. We all try to be the best we can but usually don’t. We just all want to be Howard Roark.

Marabou Stork Nightmares
This used to be my favorite book. I was stunned when I first read it. How it was written, the idea behind the book, the story, the voices that tell it. This changed how I wrote stories, poetry, lyrics. It really opened me up.

This is another book I read early on in my “reading” career. I didn’t read too much in High School because I wasn’t interested in any of the topics. When I got introduced to Glamorama it was around the same time I was reading books like “Choke” and “Survivor” and my world got opened up to this world of novels that weren’t meant for school and that were pushing boundaries. This was one of those books.

It only takes one thing to get me hooked on a book. In the opening sections of this book we find a character allowing himself to be bitten by disease infested animals because he likes it. I’m sold. Craziness interests me and this book gets nuts. And it’s Pahlahniuk.

I know I’m forgetting some and there are a ton more but I just wanted to list a few.


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