Let’s Talk

I want to talk about Sigur Ros for a bit. This is one of those bands that will change your life it you let them. I can’t remember if I heard Thursday cover them before I heard them for the first time or I had been listening to them and then heard Thursday cover them. Either way I can remember listening to the Thursday cover and being like “Oh my God! It’s so good, what is this, what’s going on!?” Then I heard the song itself and was speechless. It was “Ny Batteri” and it was brilliant. Sigur Ros is kind of like a drug though. At least it can be for me. Depending on the mood I’m in they will drown me. They mentally sink me. The weird thing about it is that it’s amazing to get that way because they’re so good. They’re so special. I remember writing a lot of lyrics to them because the vocals were in a different language so I couldn’t be influenced by the words but only the mood the entire performance left. This is a band that when I listen to them images and stories and visuals fly through my head. I build movies in my brain to the songs. I’m glad I was introduced to Sigur Ros and hopefully this might introduce you to them.

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