Let’s Talk

Today I want to talk about Bad Religion. This is a band I think should be required listening at some point in your life. This is a band that changed everything. At least for me. When I first got into punk back in… oh let’s say 5th grade I was listening to bands like Green Day because they had hits like “When I Come Around” and other stuff that was on the radio and television. I thought it was cool. I tried listening to stuff like Minor Threat and Black Flag but in 5th grade it was too… noisy for me I suppose. I liked the melody bands like Green Day had to offer. Then I found Bad Religion. Sold. Not only was the music fast, aggressive and melodic it was kind of angry. It had a message. I mean for Christ’s sake their logo is the cross buster. I was floored. This got me into bands like Pennywise, AFI, etc. Anyway, Bad Religion is perfect for summer skating music, car rides or just to jam. They are a smart punk band and have lasted the test of time. While I can’t say all of their albums are amazing, Bad Religion as a whole is one of the greatest bands to ever play music. There, I said it. Anyone with any knowledge or appreciation of punk music would have to agree, although I’m sure there are plenty of people that would disagree.


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