Nonsense Post – The Recliner

UPDATE! (03.10)

This is one of those posts that I’m sure 100% of you won’t care about. Now that I’ve learned how to use the “Read More” thing I’m sure 100% of you won’t use it. Anyway, I wanted to talk a little bit about a chair…

I couldn’t find too many picture of The Recliner but here’s a few and a little story.


My room at my parents house, like every kids room, was my sanctuary. I did my art work, watched movies, had friends stay nights, ate most of my meals there, left most of my meals there on dirty dishes, etc. Well in my quest to make my room more awesome than it was I decided to go thrifting a lot to look for random furniture, paintings, cool stuff. One day at a thrift store in B-Town I found it. The Recliner. It was only seven dollars. I bought it. From that point on it became a staple at my parents. Notorious for being in the way, pointless and space taking.


There was a point in time (as shown above) where I was using this recliner as a computer chair. I would sit there for hours editing movies and working on random design stuff. I don’t imagine it was that great as a computer chair but I can assure you I was pretty comfy while working. So comfy in fact I can remember choosing to sleep in the recliner over my bed. (See previous post about bed).


Everyone enjoyed the bed. Above is the infamous “Kid with Mustache” picture shot on the chair. This chair had history. After a while and the usage me and my friends and family put on the chair it started to break and fall apart. This made people think it was pointless to keep but I still kept it. It was a nice chair.


People were still having fun in the chair. (As shown above.) And I wasn’t ready to part with it. I eventually moved out of my parents house and had to make a decision. Do I bring the chair, leave it or pitch it. I brought it and ended up pitching it…

Who knows, maybe some hobo living in a wasteland is sitting on it right now eating Honey Nut Cheerios watching Being John Malkovich on it.


Found a photo of the chair in the dump pile.


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