Must Have Been A Circus In Town

So this is a fun post. Funny too. A long time ago… when I was 17 my mom and I were riding on the street we live in our green dodge caravan when all of a sudden a black bear runs out right in front of us. I didn’t really think it was anything that special. I mean bears are cool but I was 17 and wasn’t impressed by anything really (you know how that age is). Anyway, my mom must have alerted somebody because the next day we were being interviewed on the news. I grabbed my brothers Rancid shirt, some long shorts, pulled my socks up and didn’t do my hair (as if it could be done… stuff just sits there).

I’ve been trying to find the real news clip for a long, long time but can’t. The only clip I have is one that Nick Square and I voiced over to make it funnier (even though it’s really not that funny). Anyway, check me out when I was 17 doing my first (and only?) television appearance. Try not to laugh to hard and I’ll try not to be embarrassed.

Also, on a related note I might be making the 47 movies available for everyone that wants one. If you don’t know what the 47 movies are you shouldn’t know so it’s okay. But if you do, I’ll keep it all updated on here.


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