Let’s Talk / Thursday Playlist

Today I’m currently jamming Modest Mouse “Good News for People Who Love Bad News” on this beautiful day. Anyway, Modest Mouse is one of those bands that kind of… hm… shape who you are? I remember hearing them in high school for the first time and I couldn’t stand it. I hated the amateur quality yelling, weird guitar and just couldn’t get into it. Little did I know I just wasn’t hearing the right stuff. All of a sudden “Cowboy Dan” comes on and I’m sold. Next thing you know “The Moon and the Antarctic” was out and I was in love. They changed how I viewed song writing, lyric writing and what I thought about music. They were something you couldn’t get musically anywhere else. They weren’t punk. They weren’t really indie in my mind. They were… rock music!? No, they weren’t rock… they were Modest Mouse. I would spend hours reading lyrics and listening along to songs learning every word. I made a lot of friends through Modest Mouse. “Oh, you like Modest Mouse!? You’ve heard of them?” You know, it was always cool to find the kids that new the underground bands at the time. Anyway, when “Good News…” came out I didn’t know what to think. Did Modest Mouse sell out!? Why is it poppy? Why isn’t it dirty? Where’s the mystery? The grimy chords and the harsh vocals… at first I think I really didn’t like the album with the exception of a few songs but over the years it is a great record. It really is. I almost feel like it’s dated because of how much it was played around me (me included) but man while “The Moon” was a record I liked listening to on rainy days, “Good News…” is a record for beautiful days. Over the years I kind of have been sluggish on getting any new Modest Mouse but it’s only because I’m poor and super busy and still don’t like to download music but I imagine the new stuff is good. Enjoy.


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