Let’s Talk

So today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite bands, CONVERGE.

Jane Doe

You Fail Me

When I first heard of Converge I was like… hm… weird name… (I was listening to Cradle of Filth, Hate Theory, Acid Bath, as well as bands like Thursday, Bad Religion, etc.) and then when I finally heard Converge I could only ask myself… “How can anyone listen to this!?” There was screeching, weird timing, crazy guitars and did I forget to mention the screeching!? I couldn’t do it. I wanted melody. I wanted low vocals, harmony, etc. So after my first listening of Converge I wrote them off and never thought about them again. Then I saw them at Hellfest 2003, even though I didn’t want to, a friend told me we had to watch, that we wouldn’t see a show as good as them. He was right. While I still didn’t enjoy the music, it was INSANE! I’ve never seen people got that crazy for a band. Huge pile ups, crazy moshing, tons of people going crazy. To a band I thought was complete trash. (Remember now, I was listening to a lot of your everyday metal / melodic punk etc.) My opinion changed with my first tour with Skies Bleed Black. See, what had happened was the Converge I had heard was older Converge (which to this day is still a little much for me) but I can remember sleeping in the van on a car ride back from a show and someone put on the album “Jane Doe” and I was in and out sleep hearing this beautiful, dark, twisted, music. I woke up to this droning song with extremely dark melodies and vocals. I said, “Who is this playing” and was told Converge. No, this couldn’t be. This wasn’t the same thing or band I had heard previously. But it was. I started listening to Jane Doe constantly and got overwhelmed by just how amazing this band really was. The guitars were heavy and dark, the drumming was incredible and the singing was screechy but what I started to notice was there was more behind it. There were melodies, yelling and a lot of feeling. Doing more research I started looking at what Converge was and who they were. Jacob Bannon owned Deathwish Inc., a great label with great bands and he was also an amazing designer/artist. I fell in love with Jane Doe and Converge for what they did musically as well as what they did artistically and for the underground music scene. “You Fail Me” was just as amazing as “Jane Doe.” I remember going to Best Buy the day it came out to pick it up. The packaging was amazing, the sound was more raw and just as dark. It was on the same playing field as Jane Doe. Their new releases are just as good (in different ways) but my main point is that Converge, no matter what style of music you like, have a lot to offer musically and visually. Just how a band should be in my opinion. They’re one of those bands the metal kids enjoy, the hardcore kids idolize and the indie kids respect. They are probably one of the most influential bands of my lifetime and of my life. Dig it.


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