Let’s Talk – Mix Tapes

Let’s talk mix tapes. Well, we call them mix tapes but really I mean mix CDs. I’m listening to Pandora right now and it’s… kind of like a mixtape. Different songs from different artists based on a band or style you like. But it’s not really the same. People around my age or a little younger might be the last generation to really appreciate mix tapes. That could be an exaggeration but really, people don’t even use CDs anymore. It’s a playlist thing now. The mix tape, for me, was so much more than just a blank cd filled with songs or a drag and drop of songs. Mix tapes to me were romantic, special, important and exciting.

The most important part of the mix tape was not the actual songs but who it was that made you the mix tape. It was their songs geared towards your personality, your needs and what they thought were your wants. If you had a friend who was a punk, you knew what you were getting. If they were a metal head, you knew what you were getting. The thing I liked most about having friends make mix tapes was that it was normally music I might never of heard (especially before online music sharing and listening was so big). The only way to hear or discover music was live shows, going and taking a risk on buying a CD, radio (not really back then), record label compilations or jamming with your friends. What’s nice about friend recommendations with mix tapes was that the songs had to be somewhat good. You know they meant a lot to the person (who was probably your friend) putting it on the CD because they thought it would mean something to you. I always enjoyed making mix tapes just to see if the person had the same connection I did for the song.

The second most important and I think extremely underrated part of the mix tape was the cover and the song listing. For the most part my mix tapes (CDs) I got had the songs scribbled across the actual CD. But every once in a while someone would take a little extra time and make me a full album cover with the song list going along with the artwork perfectly. It didn’t matter if you couldn’t draw or design it was a mix tape. It was my mix tape. It was made for me. How nice is that!? I remember a mix tape I made once for Stansberry and I watercolored the thing, cut it out and mocked it up as a real CD. Mix tapes can get intense. I would keep all the covers of the mix tapes I got (if they had them).

I have lost a lot of mix tapes and out of the CDs I own I actually regret losing the mix tapes more than I ever would regret losing actual albums. Mix tapes have just as much if not more memories than real albums. Because they’re for you. Everything about them is made just for you.

So with that, please send all your David made mix tapes to 4350 Sunnybrook Road, Kent OH, 44240. If you want a mix tape made just let me know and I’ll be sure to send you one. Specially made just for you. For real. No jokes here.


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