A Bloody Story

So, I think I posted a picture but I never really went into details about it… Gabe and I opened the Downpour Studio in December (actually October, but had a party in December) and we wanted to make invitations for friends and local businesses, etc. I spent a lot of time thinking about invitations and what it meant to actually take that step and rent a building and move forward into owning your own business. I was reading other people’s adventures of opening up shop and someone said that you’ve got to have guts to open a business. That stuck with me. So much so that I wanted the invitation to have Gabe and I holding our guts, proving to the world that we actually had them and intended to see through what we had been dreaming about for the past “x” amount of years. I thought about illustrating us and having two cartoony versions of ourselves on the invite with our guts pouring out and saying “We heard it takes a lot of guts to open your own business, well, we’ve got them!” I hated the idea of drawing Gabe and I. Not the actual work but I didn’t think it would be as impressive as if we could actually rip our guts out and show everyone what’s up.

After a lot of thinking the only thing I could accept was to actually somehow manage to get actual guts. When I would explain the idea to people they would laugh and would say things like “man, that would be gross… too bad” but I was serious. So I contacted some friends who were going hunting and asked them to save me the guts of whatever animal they ended up getting. I almost went the route of road kill… glad I didn’t. Anyway, a good friend had another good friend who knew how to get us “fresh” deer guts. So I talked Gabe into the photo shoot and off we went. We got to our destination and as we pull in the first thing we see is a giant horse (with no head) being hung over a dumpster by a crane, being drained of blood. As we get out of the car and meet up with everyone I see the head on the ground next to me. Exciting…

We got dressed, set the camera up and then our friend came out with two giant white buckets filled with guts. We dove in, picked them up and tried to press them into our stomachs as much as we could. It was pretty nasty but I think the invitation came out pretty swell. (Although, we were told by a million middle aged men that this should have never been the invitation because it would scare people off. I could only think that it might show people how far we go for our craft, but maybe people don’t think like that.)

Downpour Invite

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