This is ridiculous. I ordered a poster a few weeks ago. For the size and who did the poster the price is very very fair but it was still expensive. Let’s get to it. I paid 50 bucks (58 with shipping) for a poster. This is what arrived in the mail today.

This isn’t a five dollar poster of Justin Bieber or a Twilight poster you can get at Dollar General or Wal-Mart. Are you kidding me? It’s one thing to know your poster tube got a little dented but how in the world are both end pieces smashed in bending the poster edges and a crease in the middle of the tube. Did someone read the label and think… wow I hate this kid so I’m going to try and break this tube over my knee like a tree branch.

F off USPS.

*In an update, Josh Cochran rules. He offered to replace the poster, which is extremely nice and thoughtful.


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