Comic Artists

I’ve been going through a lot of my old comics and noticing just how great some of these guys are. I mean, I had my favorites that I loved when I was a kid but being a person who likes to draw and an aspiring illustrator, coming back to the artwork I grew up on makes me realize just how good they really are…

Let’s start with my all time favorite Andy Kubert. It was THE comic book style. Ripped dudes, smoking babes, all with great detail but more importantly this guy nails poses and physical expressions. When I started drawing comic book characters when I was young, this was the guy I was trying to be.

Next is Frank Miller. Obviously he is one of the most influential comic book artists of all time, but what I enjoy so much about his artwork is the use of form and negative space. I could be wrong, probably am, but he was the first person I noticed to really show off this style of high contrast, almost abstract comic art.

Another artist whom I envy their use of form and shape is Tim Sale. I’m really only familiar with his work for the Batman graphic novels and at first his style really threw me off but the more I read and paid attention to his work, the more I fell in love.

Unfortunately I have never read an Ashley Wood comic or graphic novel. Yes, I am ashamed. A friend in school told me to check out his work and since then I’ve followed him but have never gotten any books from him. He has a very fine art approach that I just can’t take my eyes off of.


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