I’m going to rant a bit about ads and stealing. If you’re interested click read more. If not, no biggie.

I’m watching the Green Mile on AMC HD. So here is the thing. Having to run Downpour Creative I have had to realize a lot about how to stretch a dollar and what people should and shouldn’t be paid for. I’m watching the Green Mile and it goes to commercials. Normal. The first few are shown in HD. Then a non HD commercial comes on and I notice in the black bars on the side that the space is taken up by an ad for The Walking Dead. I love The Walking Dead comic book and enjoy the show but here’s what gets to me. First off, I’m watching an ad within an ad. Lame. Secondly, I can only imagine that even though the commercial is not filmed in HD that they had to pay a nice sum of money to have their ad featured on this channel. For some it’s probably not THAT big of a deal but check it, that little space on the side caught my eye and totally took away from me viewing the commercial. Now if you paid good money to have your commercial on TV wouldn’t you be mad that they posted an ad during it? Maybe the company knew about it, maybe that was part of the contract or deal they signed. Either way it makes me question some things and overall ticks me off. I’m tired of advertising that is just there. If you have to rely on black bars to spread the word that means your commercials and marketing suck. Just my opinion. TV viewing really sucks now and I feel like it disrespects its audience. Ads within shows, longer commercial breaks, logos and twitter tags on the screen. It’s terrible.

Now here’s why I am a little bit fired up about this subject. I recently saw that a company ┬áreposted the Crowd Deterrent music video I directed, produced and edited. At first I said, “Sweet, someone liked the video enough to repost it and spread the word and credited all involved.” So I clicked on the video and a Heinz ad pops up. This is a problem. Actually a HUGE problem. Probably not monetarily but principally and ethically. This company reposts OUR (Crowd Deterrent & myself) video on YouTube and is collecting money off of it via commercials. That’s not right. If anyone should be making money off of this video it is Crowd Deterrent. It’s their song, and technically their video. But some random company posting tons of band videos are raking in money (I don’t care how much, it could be a penny or a hundred bucks) off of other people’s hard work. Scum.

There is a HUGE difference between reposting a video for exposure and reposting to collect money. I’ve been offered YouTube money before for a Dilfest video, but I declined because I used a Tragedy song. It would be wrong of me to collect money from something I used that doesn’t belong to me. So whether it’s a music video repost with ad collection, song used in a video that makes money off ads or space within an advertisement people need to man up and start acting right.


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