Flyer 01

So I’m starting a little series here. Bare with me. Some of you will like it, some of you will hate it, most of you probably won’t care. I’m going to try to post one flyer a day from past shows I either attended or Skies Bleed Black played at or I was a part of. If I can remember I might talk about the show a little bit. All I can promise is that the flyers probably look terrible. Also, they are in no certain order. I’m just picking out of a folder. So let’s begin!

Old Skies Bleed Black Flyer

Um… I guess we’re starting with a good one here. We never played this show! This was supposed to be the next show we played on our last tour that we ran out of money (amongst a ton of other problems) and never made it to. This was actually one of the shows I was most excited about. Why you say? Never heard of any of the bands? Well because it’s a house show and house shows are my favorite. Meeting people at a house show is so much easier and more comfortable than a regular show where people come and act differently. (It’s true). At a house show people are relaxed because almost everyone knows everyone. It’s a better environment for a touring band that’s for sure. Anyway, the flyer itself is… well… I don’t get it but whatever. I’m not sure who designed it. It’s the Hulk crushing the world so I guess you can’t go wrong…

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