Flyer 4

Oh God… this was one of my first flyers. I think I just got introduced to adobe illustrator or something. You might want to put sunglasses on before looking at the flyer below, you might burn your eyes out.

Skies Bleed Black Flyer

As for the show, well, I have no idea how it went. I missed it. I was in my first year of Graphic Design at Kent State University and had night classes and for some reason, on that night, we had a final due that I couldn’t miss. We all decided we should play the show because it was a bigger show (Tony Danza was a larger band at the time) so we opted to let our roadie Frank sing for me. I don’t think he knew the words but I don’t think it really mattered. I also think the show got changed to Scott’s Folkatorium but I’m not really sure… maybe somebody knows that fact. Anyway, the flyer is a morphed version of some old drawing I did and I think I was just learning how to organize typography so of course it’s all proper and looks weird on a crappy flyer. Apparently I knew how to use a photoshop brush too… ay yay yay.

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