Flyer 11

Skies Bleed Black Flyer

This might have been one of the first flyers I ever put actual design time into. Instead of googling images or picking random fonts, I actually wanted a nice flyer. I did that illustration for the flyer and then re-used it for a tour shirt as well. This was for our winter tour kick off show at Crossroads (Voodoo) in Akron. One of our better shows. We played with a few out of town bands which is good but as a tour kick off show sometimes isn’t the smartest decision. You always leave with less money from paying the out of towners which is usually fine unless you need it to go on tour yourself. I think I remember having BIG problems with the promoter of the show trying to rip us off as well. The show was good and the tour was better. Highlights include everyone getting the flu, only to make me puke in the car, then puke over a balcony, Kyle dislocating his shoulder, you name it.


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