Flyer 14

Again with the photoshop brush. Obviously I was like a little kid discovering something amazing. Sorry about that flyer.

Skies Bleed Black flyer

This flyer was for one of the bigger shows we ever played. I was pumped because the show was in Kent and there were national bands on it. The place was packed! Why I went with a firefighter for the design is beyond me. And turning the type in different directions was always a weird/funny thing to do. Guess it made it look “punk”.

From what I can remember the show was EXTREMELY violent. I know during our set it was pretty bad but during Despised Icon there were kids getting thrown around and being chased by people throwing trash cans at them. The night ended (I left early but was getting calls all night) with someone (maybe) getting hit (or trying to hit someone) with a tire-iron and a lot of pepper spray going off in the parking lot. I won’t go into detail because I wasn’t there and frankly don’t remember the specifics of what I was told.

For me though, that was a good show. Lots of people, good bands, good show, and memorable activities.


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