Flyer 17

This was for one of the two Fallen Eyes benefit shows we played. Fallen Eyes was a venue in Canton that booked really, really great shows. It became home to a lot of us in the hardcore scene because it was a place where we got to do what we wanted. At most shows you had to deal with bar owners taking your money, security starting problems, different types of crowds mixing, etc. Not at the Fallen Eyes. It was a niche market geared towards mostly “hardcore” crowds so usually everything went smoothly.

It got shut down though after some losers decided to trash the surrounding businesses. We played two benefit shows to try and raise money but the venue was never re-built. A lot of people wondered where the money went and thought the promoter stole it and the bands should have been paid. I know for a fact he didn’t steal it because he wired us money while we were on tour when our van broke down, he also paid the other bands as well.

Anyway, here’s the flyer for one of the shows.

Skies Bleed Black Flyer

2005!? Jeeez.


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