The First

So have any of you had that one song that either made your opinion of a band or changed your opinion of a band. For instance, P.O.S. had one song that I heard and it was all I ever needed to hear for make me a fan for life. Or I used to HATE the band Converge until I heard a song off of Jane Doe that made me a fan for life. Here’s a list of those songs. Click below to check them out.

This was the first song I ever heard from P.O.S. off his last album and I was hooked. I wouldn’t care if the rest of his album was garbage, I was a fan. Luckily it was one of the best hip hop albums I have heard.

First Bad Religion song I heard that would lead me to buy every album after. No matter how crappy.

Blink 182’s song for Dammit. Come on? Wasn’t this everyone’s first Blink song (unless you were really, really cool and had Cheshire Cat).

McClusky is a band I didn’t understand how anyone could like. Until I heard “To Hell With Good Intentions”

I used to hate Converge. The vocals, the weird guitars, just about everything. Now at the time I was listening to stuff pre Jane Doe and I can remember being on tour and waking up in the van to this song in love. I didn’t know it was Converge but it changed my opinion of them in a huge way.

I’m a sucker for good intros. When I heard Tragedy’s “Conflicted Ideas” I think I almost totaled my car going nuts.

I used to despise Modest Mouse (don’t kill me). But here’s the thing… I was into bands like Cradle of Filth and Acid Bath. Modest Mouse didn’t make sense to me. I had never listened to Cowboy Dan (which might have helped) and the only think I knew about them was “Doing the cockroach, yeah” and at that time in my life made no sense to me. Still really doesn’t today… BUT then I heard “The Stars Are Projectors” and I was and still am a huge fan.

Same post as above. When I first heard Radiohead it just made no sense to me. It was like a sad, generic rock band. (Now at the time I was listening to bands like As I Lay Dying and Cradle of Filth, etc.) but then in a car back from New York “Idioteque” was playing. I was hooked.

I’ll do this again some other time with more bands. I think every band has their first impression song.

As a note… so many of these videos had ads on them. WTF? I’m all for putting ads on videos you own because you can make money off of something you produced and that’s cool. But how can all these people collect ad money from someone else’s songs? I’ve used Tragedy songs in Dilfest commercials or other videos that I make but I NEVER place ads on them. I love that you can find music on youtube and share it over the internet but for someone to be collecting cash on it is wrong.


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