Local Band Plug

I wanted to post some bands that are local that I am really digging.

The first band I have been listening to non-stop is Light Years. I’m an old friend of Dan’s and when he called me to do their music video I was pumped but I had never really jammed them out. I heard a song or two a long time ago but never gave them the full attention they deserved. After getting their new 7 inch “Just Between Us” I am officially not just in business with them I am a full blown fan. If you can get down with some punk, pop-punk, this band is extremely impressive. Their live shows are off the hook too.

The next band, If These Trees Could Talk, is out of Akron, Ohio. I got their new album “Red Forest” and it’s brilliant. Stunning. If you’re into Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, etc. you will enjoy them. I’m positive.

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