The Beats

I’ve had to listen to a lot of people (most of them dislike or don’t listen to hip-hop or rap music) tell me that rap isn’t real music. That beats are just sampling and ripping off the real musicians. While yes, some rap artistsa and songs do use samples for a beat or certain parts, I think most people complaining about rap not being real music because they don’t like it and if they don’t like it… how could it be considered music? Same goes with heavy metal. I’ve heard a million times heavy metal isn’t real music because of the screaming and it’s not singing, etc. Obviously the list goes on and can change from genre to genre… back to my point. The video below is a beat being produced on a machine and a lot of musicians I know couldn’t formulate or even play this beat. Watching it got me thinking to all the people that complained to me about hip hop not being real music. I don’t want to debate what makes music, or what genre is or isn’t real music. I’m just saying, could you hang with this guy on a song?


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