Busy, busy, busy, busy. More complete updates soon but here’s a break down of a few new projects you can expect to see in the future.

All Teeth Issue 04 this spring.
New Eternities “Lust” EP out this spring. 6 songs. 
Some Downpour merchandise, posters, shirts, etc.

I’ve been holding off announcing anything about this project but I’m getting close to being completed with Issue 01 so let’s announce it and see what happens! I’m doing an independent comic called “The Low” about a group of kids struggling to survive in a new world. It’s loosely based off of the short film I made “Exodus.” I’ve been working on this first issue for a few months doing all the coloring, illustrating, and writing. I’ll have more information and images for the comic soon. But feel free to visit the old facebook to keep up to date with the comic here. I’ll have a blog for it as well.


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