Downpour 6.0 & All Teeth Zine Websites!

A little later than expected, but here none the less. Downpour has launched a new portfolio websites with new work, more updates, and a new Downpour store. You can visit it at

Downpour Creative 6.0 Web

We also launched the All Teeth Zine website where you can find zine information and be able to purchase new zines. The site will act as more of an archive than a digital magazine. I debated on putting all the content from the past sold out zines online but thought to myself, the point of a zine is print, so let’s keep it exclusive. All Teeth #04 should be out this summer. You can view the website at

All Teeth Zine Web

All Teeth Production

I probably posted these pictures a while back but wanted to do a short little post on them again. Want to know how All Teeth is assembled? Well, alright! All Teeth is a man’s man Zine. We assemble this sucker by hand.

All Teeth Production

We screen-print the covers on heavy cardstock, cut the covers out, get our xeroxed copies and pre-fold them, then assemble. After each zine is assembled we then poke holes into the middle where staples would go (we don’t have a stapler long enough) then use our fingers to push each staple through and fold it to keep all the pages in. Ta-da!

All Teeth Zine

All Teeth #3 – Summer 2012

So it’s been a long time coming on this one. Finally we are releasing the third issue of All Teeth. This issue is our biggest and best yet. It’s got tour stories from Skies Bleed Black, Starcrossed, Run Devil Run and more. It also has a comic, some chicago graffiti, fiction, poetry and plenty of awesome illustrations and beautiful photography. I’ll keep you all posted when it’s up for sale and where you can get it.

All Teeth 'Zine - Issue #3