Germany 2013

Downpour went to Germany earlier this year to film Crowd Deterrent’s week long tour. After a lot of editing I finally have the finished project ready to roll. It’s a bit long clocking in at fifty some minutes, but I think it sums the trip up pretty well. I met a lot of great people over there and couldn’t have had a better time.


I’m a fan of music. I’m a fan of videos. Most of the time when the two are combined I’m not really a fan. When done right though… oh boy. Here are some videos I have noticed lately.

Cage – I Never Knew You

Atmosphere – Trying To Find A Balance

Gnarls Barkley – Who’s Gonna Save My Soul from Chris Milk on Vimeo.

Gnarls Barkley – Who’s Gonna Save My Soul
Kings Of Leon – Use Somebody

WHAT WERE YOU THINKING : Dark Knight Packaging

So after seeing the movie The Dark Knight this summer I was just as excited as everyone else was for the DVD release until I got it in my hands. For such a detail oriented, well filmed, well promoted, conceptual film I am so dissapointed in the DVD packaging and have to ask “what were you thinking?”

It makes me so mad to know that people got paid to take an image from the movie and make it shiny or take the bat mask and make it into a lunch box style dvd case. The movie was dark, the movie was exciting, the movie was dramatic, how about we incorporate that into the packaging? I’m not saying it was terrible packaging (well the special edition target packaging is) but there is no concept or originality. I believe that the presentation of the movie should be handled with as much consideration that the movie was. This is what people are going to own. This is what people are going to let others borrow, put on shelves, give as presents, and their kids kids will watch. Click the link below to check out the packaging. Like I said, some of it is not horrible but for the most part a serious let down. I could not find a link that had the pictures of the Target special edition packaging that I got but it is by far the most horrid out of all of them. They will probably get it right the second time around when the studios decide they need more money so they re-release a special deluxe super collectors gold edition.

Regular Dark Knight Packaging