Into The Woods

Some friends and I recently made a short film. We wanted to create a horror movie that was for kids with kids. No gore, no blood, no slasher style horror stuff. I’m really proud of the cast for their hard work and commitment. These guys aren’t actors and I think they did a really great job.


I recently stumbled upon a project that Rocko’s Modern Life creator Joe Murray is working on. He’s proposing to start an all cartoon network driven by fan money to put out great cartoons with no restrictions. You can check out the project here and even pledge money to help fund it. If enough money isn’t raised then you never get charged. I just pledged $5 (using your amazon account). They’re pretty close to their goals. It’s a good way to bring better tv shows/cartoons to the world as well as fund some illustrators/cartoonists and being an aspiring illustrator I feel good about helping such a cause. Maybe you will too…


I’m taking a class on Adobe Flash. So far it’s going okay. Flash is a bit overwhelming. For one assignment we had to create a persona for a cause (mine is reusing bags) and then come up with an animation to supply information about the user. You can view mine here. It’s not brilliant but I’m learning.



Here are some blogs and websites I read that maybe you should too.

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