Flyer 10

Remember when I said we used to google search random things and make terrible flyers. Well, here is an example of an extremely terrible flyer I made.

Skies Bleed Black Flyer

Obviously Danny Tanner did not present anything. And the spacing in the type is atrocious. The typography itself is atrocious. The whole flyer is atrocious. We played this show at The Orange Street. Which one you ask? Anyone who was in the Kent/Akron music scene had to know about the Orange Street. I think there were three of them? No, four. Four. This show was played at the one on Main Street that was located next to building and painted orange. The one with a 7 foot ceiling and poles everywhere. Anywho, that’s that for that flyer. That.

No Escape Blog

So Matt Stansberry and I have started a blog archiving “Akron” music. We use “Akron” loosely as in… it’s not Cleveland. I know in my mind the Kent/Akron scene has had a lot to offer and has changed a lot of lives so I think someone should try keeping track of everything. It’s almost like a little Kent/Akron music encylopedia. You can check it out here. We talked about trying to create an archive of old music, flyers, shirts, posters, etc. I illustrated 2 headers for it and will be contributing a lot of what I have saved over the years such as pictures, flyers, shirts, and stories. If anyone has any posters, old cds, or stories they want to contribute feel free to send me an e-mail with photos or whatever.

No Escape Header

No Escape Header