Comedian Andy Gasper

One of my best dudes, great guy and awesome comedian Andy Gasper was featured on Rooftop Comedy. He’s also sporting the first Downpour shirt I ever made. I’m not saying that shirt is good looking, I’m saying Gasper makes that shirt look good! I can’t get the video to embed for some reason so you can view the clip below.

Friend Plug

Some great work from great friends.

Christopher Wymer, seattle partner, just designed a Shark Attack infographic. Speechless. Check it out here.

Ed Blankenship, king of kings, posts a spectacular photo a day at one of his two blogs Empty Seats. His personal blog rules as well. Check it out here.

Roni Callahan, bud and ultra great painter/photographer has her website and blog. Great work!

Andy Gasper, cinematographer, story teller and comedian, did a great short film with some friends. Check it out here.

You all make me happy, jealous, upset and proud.


Good friend and amazing film guru Andy Gasper gave me a call a couple weeks ago with the assignment to design him a business card. He was nominated for a College Emmy out in Los Angeles for his senior project which you can view here and needed some business cards to take with him on his journey. I came up with a business card design as well as a psuedo logo for him. Check it out.