Flyer 2

Another day, another flyer. This one is an oldie. Obviously it’s from October but I have no idea what year this was. Had to be 2006? Anyway, the show was at Chuck’s Steak House which was always a cool place to play even though it was hard to get crowds out to it. I remember very little from this show except getting a free Unholy sticker and how well they played. I remember Bind Torture Kill tearing it up too. Couldn’t tell you how we played or what happened when we played. Sorry. Must have been one of those shows where nothing crazy happened. A lot of Chuck’s shows were like that due to the kids that came out were all pretty much from the same “scene” so there were never any problems. As for the flyer… well… it’s pretty magical? No, not magical. Mythical? No, not mythical. It’s pretty old man riding what seems to be an old horse.

Unholy Flyer