Flyer 3

This might be one of the worst flyers that was done for us, no it wasn’t done by me. I’ve put out my share of bad flyers when I was younger but this one… phew. We were supposed to be on tour with Falling Stars Burn Bright but stuff happened and they didn’t end up making it down with us.

Skies Bleed Black Flyer

This show was a little weird for us. It was the first night of our summer tour and we had a day off the following night so it was more like a one off date. We drove down to PA and played in a pool hall. It was a strange little place. There weren’t a TON of kids but enough to make the show fun. I do remember playing at like 6 or 7 PM and the pool hall had mostly windows… so here we are playing in broad daylight while random people walk down the sidewalks to stare in at a bunch of weird kids playing weird music. It was weird. We met a couple kids down there and one of the kids parents bought a school to live in. A SCHOOL! It was rad. We went to his house and the school was three floors. They rented the third floor out as apartments, lived on the second floor (had like a master hallway with rooms connected to it that were used as bedrooms and storage) and the first floor was the gym/cafeteria that the kid used as a band practice room/play room. It was gnarly!

Being close to home we got to take a couple extra people on the road with us. This was our crew for the night minus Kyle and Gabe.

2006 Tour

2006 Tour