Dog Days – Via Dolorosa

We’ve been busy recording the album and I just finished up the album art for the first Dog Days (and Skies Bleed Black) full length “Via Dolorosa”. Here’s the cover and a little online promotional image. The rest of the artwork will be released when the album drops.

Dog Days - Via Dolorosa


Dog Days – Via Dolorosa Artwork

I started doing the artwork for the next Dog Days album “Via Dolorosa” today. I took a pic on the phone and you can check it below. Got some fancy packaging in the work but this is a decent preview. The album is about the idea of people wearing masks and hiding from who we are and finding out who we are and sometimes it’s not the answer you want or hoped.

Dog Days with the Red Chord

We’ll be playing a show March 23 in Cleveland with The Red Chord & Gaza. Posters below. I might screen print one and make it available for sale but I’ll keep you updated. We’re going to be testing out some new tunes that night too.

Songs for the new record so far are: Dog Days, Carrion, Dead Ends, Humanity Has Failed Me, Washout, Life, 50434350, Rain Shadow, Sun Shadow and more TBA. Thanks.

March 23 Poster

10 Years

This is going to be an extremely long post. Instead of writing something new, I  thought I would post the article I wrote for the last “All Teeth Zine” about Skies Bleed Black re-uniting. I started A Newfound Hate/Skies Bleed Black/Dog Days ten years ago with a group of friends. I thought about posting a ton of pics of good times, etc. but instead I decided to post some photos from concerts. Click below to read more. The photos are in no order what so ever.


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Never really checked the itunes play count on my iMac. Just noticed it. Here are my top ten favorite songs according to iTunes. Would have never picked the same songs but the stats don’t lie.

10. The Mountain Goats – Dilaudid
09. T Pain – Time Machine
08. Atmosphere – Little Man
07. Horse Feathers – Thistled Spring
06. Horse Feathers – This Bed
05. Horse Feathers – There’s No Place
04. Death Cab For Cutie – Summer Skin
03. Death Cab For Cutie – Brothers On A Hotel Bed
02. POS – POS Is Ruining My Life
01. Damien Rice – What If I’m Wrong

Also, finished the Dog Days video. Here’s a screen shot. Should have it posted on youtube and vimeo here soon.

Dog Days Video Capture