Who’s Your Mama Festival

Downpour Creative recently designed the collateral for Kent Standing Rock’s “Who’s Your Mama Festival”

The theme for this year was conservation and extinction. We wanted to focus on some animals that are going extinct or had already gone extinct. We dug up some very old educational images and got to work.

Who's Your Mama Festival

Who's Your Mama Festival

Who's Your Mama Festival

Flyer 10

Remember when I said we used to google search random things and make terrible flyers. Well, here is an example of an extremely terrible flyer I made.

Skies Bleed Black Flyer

Obviously Danny Tanner did not present anything. And the spacing in the type is atrocious. The typography itself is atrocious. The whole flyer is atrocious. We played this show at The Orange Street. Which one you ask? Anyone who was in the Kent/Akron music scene had to know about the Orange Street. I think there were three of them? No, four. Four. This show was played at the one on Main Street that was located next to building and painted orange. The one with a 7 foot ceiling and poles everywhere. Anywho, that’s that for that flyer. That.

Flyer 6

So I said I loved house shows right? I do. And this is a flyer I made for my favorite show we’ve ever played. There are a lot of reasons this was my favorite show ever. One being it was a house show. Two, there were a TON of people there. Three, triceratops played. Four, we filmed our set and Search Bloc’s set and I put out my first actual “Man Of War” release “Eviction Party DVD”. Fourth, it was really wild. The idea was that friends were getting evicted so let’s have a giant BBQ/Party and go wild. After a wall that separated two rooms was knocked down the cops got called and I’m not really sure on what happened after that. Anyway, it was one of those really great nights.

Eviction Party - Skies Bleed Black Flyer

Another flyer I made. Apparently while just learning how to use illustrator again. Illustrator is probably my least used program from the adobe main programs but as a student once you have live trace it’s like all bets are off. Nice use of graffiti font too man…

Flyer 5

There was a time in my music history before concert posters became something really special. Obviously there was a time going through my history where concert posters were always special but I don’t think anyone around me (with a select few) knew about how cool concert posters could be. A lot of the time we would make flyers by just googling random images, throwing the first funny or gruesome picture we could on a flyer and head to kinko’s to make a bunch of copies and hand out. Does anybody else remember handing out flyers or getting a flyer walking the halls of your school!? What a weird thought. Anyway, there was a time where it was “cool” to grab a really awesome movie and use that as your flyer. Well apparently that’s what the designer did here. The funny thing is, I made the EXACT same flyer for a show we had at Chuck’s Steak House. I’ve posted the two below. I don’t think anyone ripped me off (why would someone rip off a movie based concert flyer in the first place) but it goes to show you how popular throwing up random movies onto flyers were.

Skies Bleed Black Flyer

This first flyer was from some show we never got to play. For some reason the show got cancelled. I can remember us being really bummed because we had wanted to go back to Oswego to play a show. We had a show on tour there the summer before. We traveled to Oswego, New York to play with a bunch of bands and I can say it was one of the best out of town shows we played as well as one of the best tour experiences we had. We met up with the kid who booked the show and he took us around town. It reminded me SO much of Kent. We hit up local record stores and got a bite to eat and then ran into Evil Eric. What a rad dude. He let us all crash at his house and watch Dirty Work. Before we went back to his house he made us walk like 2 miles through the woods, down a rail road track and through some weird graveyard to get to a party people were having on the lake. It was gnarly. The show was just as cool. People were going wild. It was in a VFW hall which meant lots of open space, which meant lots of violent moshing. At one point people were moshing with push brooms and chairs. It was a good show. As for the second flyer…

Skies Bleed Black Flyer

This was my version of the flyer for a totally different show a few months before. I don’t remember the show at all. I don’t remember seeing any of the bands. I wonder if my memory is bad or if the show was cancelled and I just forgot. Anyway, weird flyers. Putting movies on flyers might work out sometimes but I don’t think it really ever works as a whole.

Flyer 4

Oh God… this was one of my first flyers. I think I just got introduced to adobe illustrator or something. You might want to put sunglasses on before looking at the flyer below, you might burn your eyes out.

Skies Bleed Black Flyer

As for the show, well, I have no idea how it went. I missed it. I was in my first year of Graphic Design at Kent State University and had night classes and for some reason, on that night, we had a final due that I couldn’t miss. We all decided we should play the show because it was a bigger show (Tony Danza was a larger band at the time) so we opted to let our roadie Frank sing for me. I don’t think he knew the words but I don’t think it really mattered. I also think the show got changed to Scott’s Folkatorium but I’m not really sure… maybe somebody knows that fact. Anyway, the flyer is a morphed version of some old drawing I did and I think I was just learning how to organize typography so of course it’s all proper and looks weird on a crappy flyer. Apparently I knew how to use a photoshop brush too… ay yay yay.

Flyer 2

Another day, another flyer. This one is an oldie. Obviously it’s from October but I have no idea what year this was. Had to be 2006? Anyway, the show was at Chuck’s Steak House which was always a cool place to play even though it was hard to get crowds out to it. I remember very little from this show except getting a free Unholy sticker and how well they played. I remember Bind Torture Kill tearing it up too. Couldn’t tell you how we played or what happened when we played. Sorry. Must have been one of those shows where nothing crazy happened. A lot of Chuck’s shows were like that due to the kids that came out were all pretty much from the same “scene” so there were never any problems. As for the flyer… well… it’s pretty magical? No, not magical. Mythical? No, not mythical. It’s pretty old man riding what seems to be an old horse.

Unholy Flyer