All Teeth Zine/Red Chord Show Venue Move

Dog Days show on March 23 with the Red Chord has been moved to Peabody’s. Same bands, same time, etc. We WILL be releasing All Teeth Zine #2 this night. It’s full of exciting stuff like short stories, great photography, poetry, journal accounts and more. Here is the new flyer. Spread the word. Thanks.

Red Chord / All Teeth Zine Show

Dog Days with the Red Chord

We’ll be playing a show March 23 in Cleveland with The Red Chord & Gaza. Posters below. I might screen print one and make it available for sale but I’ll keep you updated. We’re going to be testing out some new tunes that night too.

Songs for the new record so far are: Dog Days, Carrion, Dead Ends, Humanity Has Failed Me, Washout, Life, 50434350, Rain Shadow, Sun Shadow and more TBA. Thanks.

March 23 Poster