Lovebirds Volume 01 The Long Road


Over the past year I’ve spent a lot of my free time writing and illustrating the first installment of my graphic novel called Lovebirds.

Ravaged by gangs, poverty, drugs, and violence, the world is no longer the place it was so many years ago. After the loss of his wife and child to the notorious street gang The Bastards, Damian wanders the broken roads alone in the only running car left trying to stay alive one more day.

Miles away, the savage king-pin and leader of The Bastards, Lord Baylor has enlisted two dangerous killers, The Brothers Maero, to hunt down and bring him Mira Cross, a young woman who is trying to assassinate him for the murder of her family.

Lovebirds is the tale of two separate lives intertwining in a violent storm of chaos, blood, destruction and revenge.

Lovebirds Volume 01 The Long Road is 80 pages, 6×9 perfect bound book, full color. You can purchase the physical copy from Amazon ($12.99) or a digital copy at Gumroad ($5.00).

The Low – Issue 01

I got some copies of The Low Issue 01 in yesterday. I’m hoping to have them for sale by the end of this week or early next week. I’ll keep you posted. I got them printed through Comixpress and I must say they did a wonderful job! For more information on The Low you can check out the Facebook or hold tight for the website coming soon.

The Low - Issue 01

The Low - Issue 01

Graphic Novel

So I’ve been talking a lot on here about the Graphic Novel I have been working on with Stansberry. Here are some progress shots of different frames. I’m really enjoying doing this. Hopefully we can get book 1 out sometime in the future. Check it out.





Also, I was digging through some of my old posters in search of things to hang up around my kitchen and found THIS!


Also, figured I would throw a funny one in there. Yes that’s my family with Sparks and some other random kids at Kent Fest and yes… that is a Coal Chamber shirt I’m wearing… oh boy…

kent fest crew

See ya!