After The Bear

After The Bear

I did this illustration about nine (give or take) years ago for an essay that Matt Stansberry wrote. Having always enjoyed Matt’s writing, this was the first piece he let me read that I NEEDED to make art for his writing. I still love the essay and am still proud of the art to accompany it. Glad to see it finally made it’s way onto the inter webs for everyone to read.

An article for hunters, fathers, sons, and exploring the depth of killing.

In The Watershed Book Cover

New book cover illustration and design I did for In The Watershed by Ryan Schnurr.
“Part cultural history, part nature writing, and part narrative, In the Watershed is a lyrical work of non-fiction in the vein of John McPhee and Ian Frazier with a timely and important warning at the core. “What is happening in Lake Erie,” Schnurr tells us, “is a disaster by nearly any measure—ecologically, economically, socially, culturally.””

In The Watershed Book Cover