Jack Dorsey
Acrylic on Arches Cold Press.

Been crankin’. Worked on this baby all last night and all today. No life? You bet. I lock myself up, listen to some jams and just trying to get things handled. Anyway, I’m pretty okay with this illustration. It’s a portrait of Jack Dorsey (the man who created the internet sensation Twitter). The scan came out a little darker than the original piece which kind of bothers me. I tried messing with the levels, etc. in Photoshop to get it to look correct but ended up making it look crazy. Okay, back to work. I have three magazines to design in 2 months. I’ll see and talk to you all next year.


Jack Dorsey Color Study

Up above is an image I drew out and decided to do some color studies in photoshop before the painting. (Got to do something while the watercolor paper is being stretched, right?). Anyway, let me know what you think about the colors. It’s an illustration for my senior project. As well as redesigning DISCOVER magazine, I am also doing illustrations for some of the articles. This is for an interview with Jack Dorsey (creator of Twitter). I went back and forth between doing just a portrait or a concept piece. Being only a five question interview I figured a portrait was the better fit.

My brain is a mess. Scattered. Things are just piling up. I’ve got two months before I get my teeth knocked out by the real world. Lots to do to try and prevent that from happening. I’ve been writing a lot for a band (which probably will never happen). Anyway, probably some of my strongest work yet in my opinion. Pretty proud of it. If you want to read it you better hope we can find a drummer because if not they’ll get locked up in the vault of my hard drive.