Fly Fishing in Hell

“Out on the lake, fat predatory walleye prowled the nearshore for baitfish. Dozens of other anglers had come to the breakwall to cast glowing baits and rattling plugs, slowly retrieved in the hopes of hooking one of the year’s biggest walleye. Fish up to 30 inches and over ten pounds cruised the surface looking for shiners and shad in a vast food-web sprawling across this Great Lake.” – Matt Stansberry

Fly Fishing in Hell

New illustration for “Fly Fishing in Hell” by Matt Stansberry for Floodplains Magazine. You can read the entire article here.

Geauga Park District: Belt Magazine

Two new illustrations for Belt Magazine on how the Geauga Park District is being handled. Written by Matt Stansberry. Check the full article out at this link.

Geauga Parks Illustrations

Geauga Parks Illustrations