Silver Screen Society

I recently contributed to the Silver Screen Society for their month’s theme Mad Max. After a ton of thumbnails and trial and error images I ended up on a pretty simple execution. The sign at the beginning of the movie stuck with me the most so I decided to render that sucker up. I think the skull on the sign is a really nice foreshadow for the rest of the movie. Here’s my image below and the rest of the contributors (added all month long) can be seen at the link above.

Mad Max - Silver Screen Society

Girl with Dragon vs. Se7en

So David Fincher, my favorite directory, directed the movie Se7en, Fight Club, and Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (and a ton more) but I’m naming these movies for their AMAZING intro credits. You can read more about what I’m about to mention here, but it pretty much says that for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, David Fincher asked Blur Studio to make a better title sequence better than Se7en’s title sequence. I’m not sure if that is possible or if I like TGWTDT title sequence better but it was really, really awesome. I’ve posted both for you guys to check out. Obviously if you haven’t seen either movie the sequences might not make total sense but they’re still amazing.