Flyer 7

Remember when I said Oswego was one of my favorite out of town shows? Well this is another one. It was in Nashville at a place called the Muse. It was a really, really great show. We got a great crowd response and also some awesome pre show times and after show times. I remember getting to the show early (like always) and venturing around Nashville. We saw where Johnny Cash recorded and a bunch of homeless people. We also got to go into Hatch Show Print. My biggest regret was not knowing exactly what that place was. I was a young graphic designer and never knew about Hatch Show Print. We went in anyway because I was in awe of the amazing posters but just didn’t understand WHERE I was actually at. I don’t even think I knew what letterpress was. Oh well. We met up with some random kids and had a skate session in the parking lot and also got to see a weird car accident happen on the interstate that was next to the venue. I’m pretty sure we saw dead bodies being carried away.

Like I said, the show was great. We got invited to stay at some random kids house that night. We drove up to his place only to find his grandpa reaming him out and saying we couldn’t stay there. So we went to a Target, ate at an iHop nearby and slept in the parking lot.


The flyer itself (I did not design) is a… whew… hard to read let’s say… Anyway, it was one of our best tour shows with good people and good memories.