Flyer 5

There was a time in my music history before concert posters became something really special. Obviously there was a time going through my history where concert posters were always special but I don’t think anyone around me (with a select few) knew about how cool concert posters could be. A lot of the time we would make flyers by just googling random images, throwing the first funny or gruesome picture we could on a flyer and head to kinko’s to make a bunch of copies and hand out. Does anybody else remember handing out flyers or getting a flyer walking the halls of your school!? What a weird thought. Anyway, there was a time where it was “cool” to grab a really awesome movie and use that as your flyer. Well apparently that’s what the designer did here. The funny thing is, I made the EXACT same flyer for a show we had at Chuck’s Steak House. I’ve posted the two below. I don’t think anyone ripped me off (why would someone rip off a movie based concert flyer in the first place) but it goes to show you how popular throwing up random movies onto flyers were.

Skies Bleed Black Flyer

This first flyer was from some show we never got to play. For some reason the show got cancelled. I can remember us being really bummed because we had wanted to go back to Oswego to play a show. We had a show on tour there the summer before. We traveled to Oswego, New York to play with a bunch of bands and I can say it was one of the best out of town shows we played as well as one of the best tour experiences we had. We met up with the kid who booked the show and he took us around town. It reminded me SO much of Kent. We hit up local record stores and got a bite to eat and then ran into Evil Eric. What a rad dude. He let us all crash at his house and watch Dirty Work. Before we went back to his house he made us walk like 2 miles through the woods, down a rail road track and through some weird graveyard to get to a party people were having on the lake. It was gnarly. The show was just as cool. People were going wild. It was in a VFW hall which meant lots of open space, which meant lots of violent moshing. At one point people were moshing with push brooms and chairs. It was a good show. As for the second flyer…

Skies Bleed Black Flyer

This was my version of the flyer for a totally different show a few months before. I don’t remember the show at all. I don’t remember seeing any of the bands. I wonder if my memory is bad or if the show was cancelled and I just forgot. Anyway, weird flyers. Putting movies on flyers might work out sometimes but I don’t think it really ever works as a whole.


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