We’ve Got The Wrong Guy

I recently read an article about how America has the wrong guy leading the CIA. The bigger statement of the article was that America’s drone attacks are creating more terrorists instead of eliminating them. Killing innocent people with drones is driving people to join terrorist groups out of revenge and spite. I made this image below.

Drones Create Terrorism

Oh… Bama…

Great quick article from Rolling Stone on the Obama campaign wanting graphic designers to work FOR FREE on posters for his Jobs poster. Yep. Did you get that? We need more jobs and want to show people we’re going to create more jobs… but… we’re not going to pay you for your job… sorry. You can read the whole article here. Any artist or designer should really check this article out. They pull some quotes from Mike Monteiro, a designer, who in my opinion is a really radical guy. While you’re at it you might as well check out his video… Fuck You Pay Me.