All Teeth #3 – Summer 2012

So it’s been a long time coming on this one. Finally we are releasing the third issue of All Teeth. This issue is our biggest and best yet. It’s got tour stories from Skies Bleed Black, Starcrossed, Run Devil Run and more. It also has a comic, some chicago graffiti, fiction, poetry and plenty of awesome illustrations and beautiful photography. I’ll keep you all posted when it’s up for sale and where you can get it.

All Teeth 'Zine - Issue #3


From The Road

So it’s been a long time since I’ve taken a look at this thing. In 2006 I started putting together a collection of stories/journals from bands about the tours and concerts they had played. I never got very far due to other obligations like school, work, etc. This book definitely did not turn out how I wanted but instead of letting it sit on my hard drive I thought some other people might enjoy reading about tours from bands like Skies Bleed Black, Starcrossed, Sweetheart, Run Devil Run and Dissolute. So the other night I added the last story I had, threw some pictures I could come up with in and made it a PDF file available to download here. I hope you enjoy.