Some of you may remember the children’s book (possibly one of the greatest of all times) Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. You know, the one’s with the crazy stories and the FABULOUS illustrations!?

If you have never heard of the book I suggest you look it up, find it, buy it. You can read more on it here.

Anyway, they are releasing a new edition with NEW illustrations!? Why!? WHY!? WHY!? How could you? Okay, now that I’m over the fact they’re destroying something that should never be touched in the first place, look at what they’re changing them to… HERE.

ATROCIOUS! How do you escape the brilliance of an ugly woman with a hole in her face having spiders crawl out to a little girl with a spider crawling across her face. This is a terrible decision. I can now say that the future of our world is screwed… sorry little kids you will have no fun or adventure in your lifetime…