The Low – This Worm Will Turn

I just ordered copies of the first issue of The Low. A comic book about a group of young men and women struggling to survive in a town jailed off from the outside world. Fighting cops, the government, and more strange predicaments. The book is very loosely based off of the short film Exodus I made a couple years ago. Anyway, here’s the cover for the book as well as a variant cover I got printed up for the fun of it. Looking for an April release.

The Low - Issue 01
Cover for Issue 01 – This Worm Will Turn

The Low - Issue 01 - Variant
Cover for Issue 01 – This Worm Will Turn – Variant

We’ve Got The Wrong Guy

I recently read an article about how America has the wrong guy leading the CIA. The bigger statement of the article was that America’s drone attacks are creating more terrorists instead of eliminating them. Killing innocent people with drones is driving people to join terrorist groups out of revenge and spite. I made this image below.

Drones Create Terrorism